The Green Team

Experience the Luxury of having Medical Marijuana Delivered Right To Your Door!  We carry a large variety of cannabis products and our budtenders expertly groom each glass-bottled strain so you get more bud and less stems. Let our professional, experienced, and friendly staff take care of all your medical marijuana needs without the hassle of leaving the comfort of your home.

The Green Team is a non-profit corporation dedicated to creating grants and opportunities for artists in every medium.  To join The Green Team you must be a California Resident with a valid Medical Marijuana Doctor’s Recommendation.  We're open daily from Noon-11pm.  We accept all major debit/credit cards!  Call 323-684-1252 to set-up a delivery!

 God Bud

God Bud

The Green Team Menu

MMJ Flowers Priced per Eighth = 3.5 Grams

Tax Included in Prices

See Specials section below for savings with sampler, bulk, and subscription ordering.

The Best - $60

Super Lemon Haze (Sativa)
Blue Alien (Sativa)
Durban Poison (Sativa)
Cinex (Sativa Hybrid)
False Teeth (Indica Hybrid)
Sunset Sherbert (Indica Hybrid)
Grape Ape (Indica)
Hindu Kush (Indica)
Mendo Breath (Indica)

Quality Buds - $50

Golden Lemon (Hybrid)


Stone Road
(Various Strains Available - Sativa, Hybrid, Indica)

Single Joint - $15
Standard Box (4 - .75g Joints) - $45
Reserve Box (4 Joints with Bubble Hash) - $60
Plus Box (12 - .5g Joints) - $75


Pen Vaporizer Battery and USB Port Charger - $25
Extract Harmony Cartridges (Sativa, Hybrid, Indica) - $40
Extract Harmony CBD Cartridge - $45

Edibles and More

CBD Water Bottle - $10

Soji Health Sciences CBD Gummies
100mg Bag - $20
200mg Bag - $25
300mg Bag - $30

1mL Tube - $10
10mL Vial - $60
30mL Bottle - $120

Jar of CBD Cream - $30

THC 50mg Soda - $10
Kiva Terra Bites Espresso Beans (120mg THC per tin) - $20
THC Gummies - $20

THC Snacks (Popcorn, Potato Chips, Brownies)
50mg Bag - $10
75mg Bag - $15
150mg Bag - $25
200mg Brownie Bites Bag - $30

Extract Harmony - 500mg THC Medicated Lotion
1 - $45


Tetra Labs Squeeze Tube Dabs - $40

Bubble Hash
Golden Lemon, Super Lemon Haze, Strawberry Cough
1/2g - $25     1g - $40     2g - $60


Powder Packet (Up and Moving or Calm and Quiet) - $2
Dog Treats - $45


Buy a ½ Oz, get $20 Off!
Buy 1 Oz - get $70 Off!
Any Gram is $20. Buy 3 Different Grams for $55 ($5 Off!)
Return 10 Bottles – Get a Free Gram or $20 Store Credit!
Refer A New Patient and Receive $20 Store Credit!